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ES* Ethan Chandler Laguna Lorie 

DOB: April 27, 2015

Color: Black Silver Mackerel Tabby w/ White

Sire:  ES*Grillo Voce Dell'Anima Sterling Silver


Dam:  ES*Julieth Skogkatt Norsk

Breeder: Leticia Ibáñez Guajardo / ES*Laguna Loire

Owner: Linda Stebner / Melissa Alexander


Screened HCM: Normal, May 2016

PK Deficiency:  N/N (non-carrier) Parents both tested N/N


We are very excited to welcome Ethan into our homes!  Ethan arrived in the US September 2015 and he has settled right in!  He loves playing with the cats at Linda's house and he is really growing up nicely.   Ethan's pedigree provides us with some new lines that should go well with the cats of Epona and Into Wishin Catteries.  Thank you so much Leticia, for entrusting sweet Ethan Chandler to us.  We love him!

Ethan as a kitten






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